onsdag 16 januari 2013

Behind the scenes - The siberia massacre scene (the Deserters)

And here are some behind the scenes shots from the first day of shooting this year (2013). 

We were a bit afraid that there wasn't gonna be any snow, and a important flashback scene wasn't gonna be filmed, since we plan to release the movie before next winter. But suddenly out of the blue, there came a lot of snow and we packed and made the scene.

Ps. A funny thing, we shot this scene on the same hill where we shot the original "fruit wars" movie. So it was a bit nostalgic. 

Robin was co-directing this scene. Who by the way has joined the soundtrack team for this movie. The movie now has 3 soundtrack composers. Mark, Robin and Mathias. I think that they complete each other and give the movie a more dynamic emotion, since all composers work in three very different ways.  
We had a lot of fun shooting this scene. But it was so cold.  
We could not feel our feet or hands after 2 hours in the cold.  
 Here, Mark is preparing for his scene as a "bad guy". 
 Here the director (Tommy) is giving instructions on how he wants the scene to be shot. 

Robin completes the director, since he is more into action scenes, he knows a thing or two about weapons and army situations. So again, in AgnosCinema we really complete each other.  

 A good sense of humor is needed, especially on a cold day as this. 

Robin explains another great idea for shooting scenes. He is dynamite when it comes to creative scenes. 
I'm not gonna lie, when we finished shooting this scene, our feet and hands were really cold. I could hardly pack the equipment. But the result is gonna be amazing. 

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