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The Deserters 
120 minutes (Directors cut ??)


In the future, the world is at war. In this new world, one must be strong and without feelings to survive. Four soldiers realize in the war-zone that they have no way of surviving so they decide to desert to a close-by forest. But there is something in the forest that lurks and is much more dangerous than the war. 

Director: Tommy Starsson 
Written by: Tommy Starsson 
Music: Mark, Robin, Mathias

Starring: Dave, Mark, Robin, Tommy

Trailer | teaser | watch the movie Bloopers
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The Consultant (2012)

51 minutes (directors cut: ?? min)

Swedish hitman Bergstrom (Robin) is hired by mr Johan (Markus) to kill a consultant for the mob boss Bukowski (David). However things are not as they seem. And Bergstrom has to figure out the next move before it is to late. Click here to see the movie. You can read more about it here

Director: Tommy Starsson 
Written by: Tommy Starsson 
Music: Sävis.

Starring: Robin, Tommy, Mark, Dave, Sara

Trailer | teaser | watch the movie Bloopers
Behind the scenes | Preview clip

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